McDonald’s x Atomic Mari Capsule Collection

Mari stying the jacket - back

McDonald’s and Atomic Mari collaboration to create a space-inspired streetwear collection to celebrate STEM, one of Mari’s passions.

Role at IW Group: Clothing/Accessories Design | Package Desing | Art Direction | Co-Direction | Co-Edit | GFX

Partners: (Atomic) Mari Takahashi | IMS Retail | Nick Reid Photography | Jesso Wang



We created a unique collaboration between McDonald’s and Gamer Influencer Mari Takahashi to create a one-off capsule collection. The streetwear pieces were inspired by Mari’s passion for motivating young females to get involved in STEM and space exploration.

We crafted the Bomber Jacket and Belt-bag using a mash-up of Mari’s aesthetics and McDonald’s colors and iconography. These items were only available by winning them in claw machines at McDonald’s events, so we created foil space-food inspired packaging to showcase the items in the machines.


Clothing/Accessory – Photos by Nick Reid:

  • Mari stying the Jacket and Belt-bag

  • Patch and sleeve details

  • Belt-bag with inner pocket

  • Patch designs

  • Mari stying the Belt-bag

  • Mari stying the jacket - front

  • Mari stying the jacket - back

  • The Atomic Mari x McDonald's jacket

  • The Atomic Mari x McDonald's belt-bag


Campaign Video:


Collection Design (Mock-ups):

  • Design Mock-up - Bomber Jacket back

  • Design Mock-up - Bomber Jacket front

  • Design Mock-up - Bomber Jacket lining

  • Design Mock-up - Belt-bag

  • Design Mock-up - Belt-bag inside

  • Design Mock-up - Key Chains combines

  • Design Mock-up - Patches Detail

  • Design Mock-up - Patches


Fashion Illustrations – Illustrations by Jesso Wang:

  • Atomic Mari Belt-bag

  • Atomic Mari Belt-bag - Interior

  • Atomic Mari Jacket - Back

  • Atomic Mari Jacket and Belt-bag

  • Atomic Mari Jacket - Front


Package Design (Mock-ups):

  • Foil Packaging Mock-up - Belt-Bag

  • Foil Packaging Mock-up - Bomber Jacket

  • Foil Packaging Mock-up - Key Chains

  • Foil Packaging Mock-up - Patches


Atomic Mari at 626 Night Market:


Selected press coverage:

Rafu Shimpo | AsAmNews | Korea Daily | WaCow LA

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