The portfolio of Evan Stainsby

Pi Pixels 720x340

The Pi Pixel Project

I wanted to learn a bit more about coding, so recently I began using to teach myself about Python. I needed a project. International π (Pi) Day was coming up on March the fourteenth (3/14 for...

Snow on sand

Black and white, bathed in a golden light.

I have always been told that Iceland is an amazing place to visit. But nothing prepared me for Iceland during the winter solstice. The mix of black volcanic soil with the heavy snowfall, drenched in the...


Zombies Ahead!

Who doesn’t love zombies? And who doesn’t want an Electric Motocross Bike? Well, do I have news for you! Morgan Evans from Otaku Films has just finished a short film involving both. It’s an ad for...

From Cenotes to Skyscrapers

From Cenotes to Skyscrapers

In early 2014 I went to Mexico and the  U.S.A. The trip consisted of a visit around the Yucatán Peninsula and ten days in New York City. Below is a collection of images that I...

Strike - Laser Quick in situ

Big Shoe for Strike bowling

In March 2014, Strike bowling had a competition called RE:BOOT to design the look of their new bowling shoe. The competition involved submitting a shoe design on Strike’s facebook page and from these submissions, ten finalists and...

Hare Krishna Man

The people of Bangladesh

While travelling, I like to capture images of local faces. Sometimes I feel that I am imposing or intruding on people when taking their photo, this is definitely not the case in Bangladesh –...

Quasimodo's Dream

Quasimodo’s Dream

I was approached by Sandpit to help them bring to life a promotional music clip for the release of Michael Kantor’s film ‘The Boy Castaways’. The song for the clip was Quasimodo’s Dream. It was...

Safari Sunset Wedding 01

Safari Sunset Wedding

I was camping at a music festival over the New Year and as we were watching the sun set on 2013, I spotted a girl taking her giraffe for a walk. The whimsy of...


Method Studios 2013 Christmas Card

This is an electronic Christmas card I created for Method Studios to distribute to our clients. Additional work by Simon Bronson, Drewe Clarke & Oz Smith. Sound by Richie Buxton & Sam Hopgood.


Animal Photography

While I enjoy photography of all types, one of my favourites is animal photography. Here is a sample of my animal photos, taken around the world. Click for my full animal set, or visit...