Black and white, bathed in a golden light.

Snow on sand

I have always been told that Iceland is an amazing place to visit.
But nothing prepared me for Iceland during the winter solstice.

The mix of black volcanic soil with the heavy snowfall, drenched in the golden midday sun that was sitting just 2.7º above the horizon.
The expansive glaciers, polished by the icy wind and glistening in afternoon light.
The aurora borealis dancing across the sky during the dark nights.
The seemingly negative beaches, with black sand trapped between a frothing ocean and falling snow.

Everything was magical.
If you don’t believe me, below are some of my photos and more can be found in my Iceland 2014 Flickr gallery

  • Watching the flurries

  • Greylag Goose on Lake Tjörnin

  • Path along Þingvellir

  • Eye of the Icelandic horse

  • Strokkur geyser

  • Volumetric silhouette

  • Skaftafellsjökull

  • Ice shoes

  • Svínafellsjökull glacier

  • Wind patterns 03

  • Through the glacial portal

  • Watching the light fade

  • Glacier in dusk

  • Golden light through the falling snow

  • Walking to the sun

  • The trolls

  • Layers

  • Silhouette of trolls

  • The basalt columns

  • Common Snipe waiting in a frozen stream

  • Skogarfoss, the frozen waterfall

  • Ice bubbles

  • Cold river

  • Photos of the sun

  • Skeiðflatarkirkja church

  • Turning pattern

  • Aurora Borealis

  • Darkening Day

  • Little feather

  • Footprints in the sand

  • Golden light catching the snow peaks

  • Hallgrimskirkja and the moon

  • Frozen drips in the cold sun


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