Camping in the North-East USA

Sunset rays

During the Autumn of 2016, I went on a road trip, driving and camping around the North-east of the United States. Here are some photos I took during the trip.

More photos from this trip can be found on my flickr page here: North-East USA 2016

  • Squirrel eating spruce flower

  • Soft light in the grass

  • The road down

  • Red fox pup

  • Niagara Falls 1

  • Rainbow ride

  • Cheeky raccoon

  • Marblehead lighthouse

  • Miniature city

  • Lake Erie water snake catching a Round goby

  • Harvestman cleaning after a meal

  • Bank swallows nesting

  • Veined wood

  • Sun-bakers

  • Chilling

  • Van Gogh eyes

  • Red Eft - Eastern Red-Spotted Newt

  • Horn of Plenty

  • Red spruce pollen

  • Cloud Gate 2

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