Dailies – Just getting started

#Target #Practice
20151203 - #Target #Practice

When I first moved to New York I have had a fair bit of free time. So I resolved to work on as many personal projects as possible. This is one of them. A daily project where I create a piece of “something” everyday. The main goal is to practice and improve my design skills, but also to tell little stories, even if I’m the only one who gets the stories. Often the two hashtags I couple with the photo are an insight into the idea behind the creation.

At the moment I am mainly focusing on working in Cinema 4D, a 3D application for design and animation. But often I am working across other applications like After Effects, Photoshop & Illustrator. Sometimes, when I don’t have access to my computer, I have been creating them on my phone with the app SketchBook.

A lot of my inspiration comes from others that create “dailies,” or “everydays” as they are also known. Some of my favorites are: beeple, hoodass, ethikdesign & rawandrendered. Check them out on Instagram.

You can find all of my dailies on my Dailies page, link also in the menu bar above.

I have also had a few requests for prints, so I have set up a shop on søciety6.com when I have put all of my dailies and you can buy them as art prints for pretty cheap. https://society6.com/thesilentpartner

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